Joanne looking through her camera.
photo by Teresa Ruelas





I am a photographer, writer and life coach. Originally from England, I have lived in both France and latterly in the US. For the last three years I have led a nomadic existence as I explore 'Being in the World'. Travelling around the world, connecting with many different cultures and ways of life, I have opened my eyes to what is and what is possible.

Photography is the creative expression of my relationship with that world. The images reflect the ways in which I both see and respond to what is around me. An artistic impression which is both timeless and intimate. Through the lens of my camera I have found my voice; a voice that speaks of the wonder of life. A life that is full of beauty, of surprise and of interconnectedness. I explore the relationship between all things; the way in which all beings work together, consciously and unconsciously to create. How water, wind, light and colour, dance together to create magical natural images that last but an instant.

All these images come naturally from Mother Earth and are gifted in the moment. I have not manipulated them in any way. Each one is unique. A gift to the world, from the world. A gift from my heart to you.

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